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Chalet Mushroom Barley Lentil Burger

Chalet  Mushroom Barley Lentil Burger

Made with Mushroom, Barley, Lentil, Red Onion and Kale. There's nothing that Kale Burgers can't do!

Combine below ingredients making hand formed patties

2 cups  fresh vegan cream of mushroom soup
2 cups  cooked barley
2 cups  cooked lentils
1 medium red onion chopped fine
4  cups of your favorite varity of Kale finely chopped (loosely packed)1 cup oatmeal
Optional 1 Chia seed egg  (Chia seeds soaked in water for short time)

Add kale, onions, 1 cup of lentils and 1 cup of barley to food process to puree.  Add pureed mixture to rest of ingredients and blend together until incorporated.  Refridgerate 2-24 hours.  Mixture will be like a think cake batter.  Patties will hold their shape once cooked.


Slow cook on medium heat in non-stick fry pan uncovered for 20 minutes per side light until brown.  Be careful not to over-brown.
Optional - Drizzle  Worcestershire Sauce on one side while in the pan before flipping to other side